At the Emerald Coast…

Regina Jaquess’ passion for water skiing is only outdone by her passion for pharmacology, shown best at Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy. She began operations back in 2010, by the sandy shores of Santa Rosa Beach, in the panhandle of sunny Florida. Regina oversaw the state-of-the-art laboratory’s completion and has personally selected only the best pharmacists and techs to support the community’s needs, working closely with the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA).

Regina and her team offer customized services and products to serve northern Florida and beyond. After years of development, Emerald Coast proudly specializes in hormone replacement therapy for both women and men; thyroid hormone replacement; dermatology; dental; pain management; and even veterinary compounding services.

Regina’s confidence in her craft sets Emerald Coast apart, and their collective ability to customize prescriptions helps set the highest of bars for their clientele. They truly can take your healthcare to the next level.